API Variables

Variable Description
status Returns “success” or “failed” whether or not we were able to process your API request. If status returns “failed” the reason would be listed under the msg field.
package The server automatically returns to you what package your using based on the presence of an API Key.
remaining_requests This field only appears if your requesting from the API Server without an API Key, meaning after the remaining_requests equal 0 the server will no longer process your API requests for the month. This rate limit is only present in the Free Package. Basic and Professional packages do not have this restriction.
ipaddress The IPv4 or IPv6 address you requested information on from the API Server.
host-ip Returns boolean value if the requested IP belongs to a hosting organization or not.
hostname Returns the hostname of the IP address. (Professional Package Only)
org Returns the organization who owns the IP address.
msg Returns string which contains information regarding why the status is failed.
country Contains information such as the requested IP addresses country name and country code. (Professional Package Only)
subdivision Contains information such as the requested IP addresses subdivision name and subdivision code. (Professional Package Only)
city Contains the requested IP addresses city name. (Professional Package Only)
postal Contains the requested IP addresses postal and/or zip code. (Professional Package Only)
location Contains the requested IP addresses approximated latitude and longitude. (Professional Package Only)

Our API service uses GeoLite2 City data created by MaxMind, available from http://www.maxmind.com.